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We currently service the Cedar Rapids, IA and surrounding areas.

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Why use Clean Laundry Express?

Free pick-up & delivery

Your fresh, clean laundry will be returned crisply folded. Pick-up and delivery is free, and you get a free reusable laundry bag.

Get your time back

The average person spends 4-8 hours a week doing laundry. Imagine what you could do with that extra time!

Loyalty & Referral Perks

Automatically earn loyalty points towards credits on every order. Plus, refer your friends and get $5 in credits when they order!



+ free reusable bag!

Bags typically hold 3 standard loads of laundry (30 lbs)

Service Items:

Pick-up and delivery: FREE

Dryer sheets: FREE

Detergent: FREE

Fabric softener: FREE

Bleach: FREE

Specialty items:

Comforter (king or queen) $20

Comforter (small) $15

Blankets (king or queen) $10

Blankets (small) $8

Sleeping bag $15

Pillow $10

Pillow case & sheet set $12

Mattress cover $10

Small rug $5

Item not listed? Contact us!

Clean Laundry Express services are $45 per bag, up to 30 lbs. Any weight over 30 lbs will be charged at $1.75/ lb up to 20lbs. After 20 lbs, you would incur the cost of an additional bag service at $45 per bag. We price laundry by the pound before washing it. Prices do not include tax. This only includes wearable items and excludes specialty items such as bedding, blankets, and other non-wearable items. For a complete list of our special pricing, view the pricing information above. 



Get started with your first pick-up!
Download the Clean Laundry Express app to schedule a pick-up. Bag your dirty laundry in a disposable plastic bag and leave it outside, ready for pick-up during the time scheduled.


We work our Clean Laundry magic!
After pick-up, your clothes are off to be cleaned at our processing facility. Your clothes will be treated with the proper tender love and care they deserve. Once washed and dried, your items will be neatly folded and ready to make their journey back home.


We deliver it to your door
You’ll have your freshly fluffed and folded laundry delivered to your door the next day in a new bag that is yours to keep! All you need to do is put it away, and just like that, laundry day is done!

Common Questions:

Call us at 319-462-8456 with any additional questions. We're here to help!

Get started by downloading the app:

Clean Laundry Terms: Must pay with credit or debit card. Discounts are one per household. You'll be charged during processing based on how many bags are needed to fill your laundry at our standard 30 lbs maximum. Any weight over 30 lbs will be charged at $1.75/lb up to 20 lbs. After 20 pounds, you would incur additional bag pricing. Price does not include specialty items such as but is not limited to: comforters, pillows, sheet sets, or sleeping bags. Some specialty items may not be listed, pricing will be at Clean Laundry Express' sole discretion. Valid in Cedar Rapids, IA, and surrounding areas only. Clean Laundry Express takes precautionary measures to ensure garments are properly laundered. Clean Laundry Express is not responsible for garments damaged during the wash and/or dry cycles due to color bleed, shrinkage, foreign objects, or substances on garments. Clean Laundry Express makes every effort to remove stains, spots, and smells, but does not guarantee stain, spot, or smell removal. Clean Laundry Express processes all garments included in order through washer and dryers. Please do not include items that cannot be laundered in such a manner with your order. Clean Laundry Express is not responsible for lost or stolen clothing prior to pick-ups or after deliveries are made. Clean Laundry Express orders must be paid via credit card or debit card; we do not accept cash transactions. All orders will be charged prior to delivery. Refunds will be provided as account credits. We price laundry by the pound before washing it. In the event that a scheduled pick-up does not have laundry ready during pick-up time slot, there will be $25.00 service charge.