A message to our laundry customers regarding COVID-19

We appreciate you and your business. Our Clean Laundry facilities and Clean Laundry Express service will remain open under normal operating hours. We have taken care to update our processes and cleaning procedures with your safety in mind and to reduce potential risks for cross-contamination. 

Aside from making sure that your laundry is clean and fresh, our focus is on safety. COVID-19 is still a concern for all of us, so we are taking extra precautions to keep everyone safe.

  • We have procedures in place to make sure that your laundry and laundry bags are never mixed with other customers' laundry
  • All cleaned laundry is kept away from dirty laundry
  • Clean Laundry drivers and laundry attendants
  • At the time of pickup, transport, through cleaning and delivery your items will be kept separate from other customers' laundry throughout the entire process
  • At our laundromats, your items will never be washed or dried in a machine with anyone else’s laundry
  • In our delivery van, shelving will be wiped down regularly
  • In our laundromat, all tables, carts and machines are sanitized between orders
  • Our pickup and delivery process is contactless which means, you can leave and pick up your clothes from your doorstep without human contact


If you have questions or suggestions for improvement, please give us a call and let us know. 


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