How it works

So, you’re ready to win back your valuable time by using our wash and fold service! Great news, we’re here to make it easy for you! Here’s a simple step by step guide to scheduling your first Express Laundry pick up!

Girl washing clothes@2x

1. Create your account

Download the app or sign up on this page

2. Schedule your pickup

Choose a convenient time for pickup and delivery

3. Sit back and relax

Our drivers will pick up your clothes and bring them to one of our local laundry centers

What happens after you pick up my laundry?

On the day of your pickup you’ll receive 2 messages. The first will be a message with an estimated time of arrival for your express driver. The second will be a message letting you know that they are on their way to pick up your laundry.

When the driver arrives, they will pick up your laundry from you at the door. (Specify that for the first order, they can put their clothes in a garbage bag or reusable bag of their choice for their first pickup and delivery. We will return the bag with your delivery if the customer uses a reusable bag.) Once we have your items, we place your items in your very own Clean Laundry express bag and tag it with your information. This bag, is now yours to keep! Once that’s done, it’s off to be laundered!

Our wash/dry/fold process

Your laundry will be taken to our very own local Clean Laundry location, to be cleaned in our state-of-the-art facilities. (ATTACH PHOTO OF MARION LAUNDROMAT) During this process our staff will separate your lights and darks, and ensure your clothes are properly washed, dried, and folded with the care your clothes deserve.

After your last item is crisply folded, your bag will be carefully stored until it is time for delivery!

Our delivery process

Once the item is out for delivery, we will send you notifications for when you can expect your fresh, clean laundry to be delivered!
(Include image of freshly folded laundry and a smile!)

For every pickup and delivery after the first initial one, use the Clean Laundry Express bag used on your first delivery to fill with your dirty clothes. Between every pickup and delivery we will sanitize the bag to ensure freshness and cleanliness.

Try it out!

Schedule your first pickup and discover a whole new way to do laundry!