Single Order Laundry Service: 

  • $1.50 / pound* 
  • 15 lb. Minimum order 
  • Free Pickup and Delivery 
  • Does not include bedding or non-wearable items

*Laundry is weighed dirty, prior to washing. 

Learn more about acceptable and prohibited items



Not sure how much your laundry weighs?  

Typically, a standard rectangular laundry basket holds about 15 lbs. of laundry. Each laundry items have varying weights, but this is a good guide with a good mix of laundry items. 


Bedding and non-wearable laundry

Bedding will be sorted and washed separately from wearable laundry. These items are cared for on a per item basis with a flat rate rather than by the pound. Weight is not collected for these items and they do not contribute to the minimum poundage for laundry by the pound. 

 Flat Rate Pricing: 

  • Comforter: $12.00 
  • Duvet: $12.00 
  • Blanket: $12.00 
  • Mattress Pad: $12.00  
  • Fitted Sheet: $6.00 
  • Flat Sheet: $6.00  
  • Pillowcase: $2.00  
  • Rug: $4.00 


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Our Promise to You

Our employees follow strict protocols to ensure that your laundry is clean and handled with care. Local and federal COVID-19 guidelines are followed from the time we pick up to the time we drop off. Read about the careful measures we take on your fabrics.

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