Never do laundry again.

Is your laundry piling up? Toss it all into one of our FREE laundry bags and schedule your first pickup today. We wash it. We dry it. We fold it. Pick-up & delivery is free, your laundry preferences are easy to customize, and we guarantee next-day delivery.

It’s here and it’s real, and It’s About Time!


Why use Clean Laundry Express?


Next day delivery!

Your fresh, clean laundry will be returned crisply folded within 24 hours. We know you need your lucky underwear, especially in times like these.


Get your time back

The average person spends 4-8 hours a week doing laundry. Imagine what you could do with that extra time!


Never do laundry again

Clean Laundry Express is easy. It’s easy to use and easy to enjoy! You’ll never have to worry about laundry again!

How our wash dry fold service works:


Get started with your first pick-up!

Schedule your first pick-up using our site scheduling assistant (link up that page) or download our app, available on iOS and google play store.

We work our Clean Laundry magic!

After pickup, your clothes are off to be cleaned at our processing facility. Your clothes will be treated with the proper tender love and care they deserve. Once washed and dried, your items will be neatly folded and ready to make their journey back home.

We deliver it to your door

In about 24 hours you’ll have your freshly fluffed and folded laundry delivered to your door with our standard NEXT-Day delivery! All you need to do is put it away! Or…not!

Want a step by step guide to scheduling your first service?

We KNOW how to Clean Laundry

With over X high-end laundromats in X states, we know the ins and outs of your family’s favorite fabrics. Trust us with your cottons, your denims, your <a fabric that’s known for being hard to clean>. When it comes to cleaning laundry, we practice what we bleach.

Our Guarantee

We’re dedicated to taking the utmost care of your items and returning them to you cleaner than we received them. If we make a mistake, we’ll work with you to make it right.

Lost and Damaged Policy

Common Questions:

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